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Visualize your data like Never Before.
Connect all your company in one single place.

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Simple Data Integration: 
Effortlessly import Data from spreadsheets, finance, HR and more.

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Build Dashboards in seconds

Efficiently generate charts, reports and more with just a text prompt.

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Track & Share easily

Say goodbye to manual effort, window juggling, and copy-pasting with Unifyr's seamless integration.

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Use cases

Build beautiful and dynamics reports, plans and forecasts

Break down siloed data

Avoid unpleasant surprises and track your business seamlessly.

For Founders & Executives

When you're leading a fast-growing company towards success, you need a multidimensional view of your business.

With Unifyr, you can track your business, compare actuals, budgets and forecasts and see the impact of your decisions in real-time.
Run scenarios with simple clicks to make better data-driven decisions.

For Finance Professionals

As business scale, it gets harder to build and maintain accurate reports, plans and forecasts.

Unifyr brings all of your financial data together, unlocking effortlessly real-time modeling and better strategic thinking.

Focus on what you do best: Strategy, Sales Plans and Forecasts

Leave time-consuming tasks behind.

For Sales & Revenue Teams

Unifyr helps you find opportunities and build accurate plans, providing you with what you need to understand how your business is working.

Sync all the data from Marketing, Sales and Customer Success into one source of truth and run scenarios seamlessly.

Set up goals, OKRs, analyze your MRR and more.

Integrate all HR systems on a single platform.

Correlate People metrics with business goals and needs.

For HR Leaders

People Analytics has never been easier. Forget about Spreadsheets, PowerBI and manual data entry.

With Unifyr, you can build your People Analytics dashboards without a technical team.

Bring strategy to the table backed by data.

Hire a full Data Team at a fraction of its cost.

Trust your dashboards, knowing they are 100% updated and correct.
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2. Build your dashboards with AI

Enjoy working with templates or start from scratch. Answer all your questions and get a big picture of what’s going on at your company to make better decisions.
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Integraciones más utilizadas


Hojas de cálculo de Google es una app de hojas de cálculo en línea que te permite crear hojas de cálculo, y bases de datos.


Factorial es una empresa de software y servicios dedicada a solucionar los problemas de Recursos Humanos.


Buk, es un Software de recursos humanos que se utiliza para atender todas las necesidades de tus colaboradores.

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3. Automate reports

Stop time wasting updating manually sheets, instead invest that time in your strategies. 10+ hours weekly saved by building reports in under 2 minutes.
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Track your business using AI in mere seconds

In 3 simple steps, synchronize all of your data sources and move from the broad overview to the specific details you require.
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1. Sync your tech stack

Select from 50+ available integrations and sync the data by just entering your ID, API Key or User.The more data sources you add, the better results you get. CRM, Finance, HRIS, ATS, and more, we’ve got you covered.
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"We're starting here,
because we ❤ Webflow."

Data Analysis for your entire team

Get everybody on the same page with centralized access to shared, up-to-date data for decision-making.

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All your data  works beautifully here

From Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, even spreadsheets, and more, there are over a hundred ways to connect your team's data to Unifyr.
Once connected, you can easily clean up messy, incomplete or complicated data in just a few clicks.


Looks good so you look good

Not all solutions excel at making your metrics look professional. Unifyr gives you customizable, presentation-ready data visualizations and dashboards that will have your peers thinking you hired a designer.

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Ready to up your productivity?

Build dynamic charts and interactive dashboards, automate data workflows and effortlessly share insights.
Embrace efficiency and accelerate your decision-making by eliminating time-consuming manual work with Unifyr

Frequently Asked Questions

Access data about your company, places and people directly in a
Dashboard without hours of manual work.
Where does Unifyr take the data from to help my company?

We connect directly to your tech stack. With our pre-trained AI model we model that centralized data warehouse so that we can build dashboards and scenarios from them.

How safe and confidential is my data? 

1- Unifyr runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services), providing the highest safety levels possible.
2- Each of our customer's data is stored in completely individual servers & tenants.
3- Unifyr simply reads data from your tech stack, we will never ask for writing permissions. We help you find data mistakes and you will correct them directly at the source.

I can't find my tool in the available integrations, can I still add it?

Yes. If your tool is not listed, you can ask us and we will add it to the list shortly.

Can I edit the dashboards once they have been automatically created?

Yes. Once they're done, you can edit the size and position of your charts whenever you want.

How can I share the dashboards I create?

You can post it in a public or private link, or export it as a PDF. We are working on a direct Google Slide export integration currently. It will help you build presentations in just a few clicks.