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With Unifyr

Build, maintain and visualize reports, plans and forecasts in real-time
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Get answers in seconds

Find the answers behind your sync data with new reports instantly
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Get a 360° view of your business

All your metrics are connected in real-time across your models so you can trust your forecasts and plans

Get everyone on the same page

HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance & Operations; collaboration is the new normal.

See what lies behind the numbers

As a data-driven leader, you want to grasp where your metrics come from.
That’s why Unifyr:
Uses easy-to-read syntax and formulas
Allows users to drill down on a metric to see what’s behind it in a few clicks
Create different scenarios to predict the future

Make your team more effective

There’s no point getting leading analysts and modelers to do time-consuming grunt work that adds little value.

Hire a full Data Team at a fraction of its cost.

Trust your dashboards, knowing they are 100% updated and correct.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Access data about your company, places and people directly in a
Dashboard without hours of manual work.
Where does Unifyr take the data from to help my company?

We connect directly to your tech stack. With our pre-trained AI model we model that centralized data warehouse so that we can build dashboards and scenarios from them.

How safe and confidential is my data? 

1- Unifyr runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services), providing the highest safety levels possible.
2- Each of our customer's data is stored in completely individual servers & tenants.
3- Unifyr simply reads data from your tech stack, we will never ask for writing permissions. We help you find data mistakes and you will correct them directly at the source.

I can't find my tool in the available integrations, can I still add it?

Yes. If your tool is not listed, you can ask us and we will add it to the list shortly.

Can I edit the dashboards once they have been automatically created?

Yes. Once they're done, you can edit the size and position of your charts whenever you want.

How can I share the dashboards I create?

You can post it in a public or private link, or export it as a PDF. We are working on a direct Google Slide export integration currently. It will help you build presentations in just a few clicks.