Spend more time analyzing data than preparing it

Make 'no surprises' the new normal when it comes to cashflow and financials.

Loved by hundreds of Leaders

Bring a single source of truth to your organization

Build stunning dashboards to align everyone on your actuals versus forecasts
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Optimize your process

Import, clean and enrich data from all your business apps in seconds

Stop chasing data

Let each cost center directly input their numbers into a dedicated centralized app

Get everyone on the same page

Easily change and improve your model over time insuring data integrity and preventing errors

See what lies behind the numbers

Build projections and scenarios around your workforce taking into account different assumptions, and visualize their impact to make informed decisions.
That’s why Unifyr:
Uses easy-to-read syntax and formulas
Allows users to drill down on a metric to see what’s behind it in a few clicks
Create different scenarios to predict the future

Streamline your workforce planning

Leverage Unifyr powerful capabilities to align your teams and make informed decisions, in a single platform.

Hire a full Data Team at a fraction of its cost.

Trust your dashboards, knowing they are 100% updated and correct.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Access data about your company, places and people directly in a
Dashboard without hours of manual work.
Where does Unifyr take the data from to help my company?

We connect directly to your tech stack. With our pre-trained AI model we model that centralized data warehouse so that we can build dashboards and scenarios from them.

How safe and confidential is my data? 

1- Unifyr runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services), providing the highest safety levels possible.
2- Each of our customer's data is stored in completely individual servers & tenants.
3- Unifyr simply reads data from your tech stack, we will never ask for writing permissions. We help you find data mistakes and you will correct them directly at the source.

I can't find my tool in the available integrations, can I still add it?

Yes. If your tool is not listed, you can ask us and we will add it to the list shortly.

Can I edit the dashboards once they have been automatically created?

Yes. Once they're done, you can edit the size and position of your charts whenever you want.

How can I share the dashboards I create?

You can post it in a public or private link, or export it as a PDF. We are working on a direct Google Slide export integration currently. It will help you build presentations in just a few clicks.